Source code for asyncdex.models.user

from typing import Any, Dict, TYPE_CHECKING

from .abc import GenericModelList, Model
from ..utils import copy_key_to_attribute

    from .chapter import Chapter

[docs]class User(Model): """A :class:`.Model` representing an individual user. .. versionadded:: 0.3 """ username: str """THe user's username.""" chapters: GenericModelList["Chapter"] """The chapters the user uploaded. .. deprecated:: 1.0 MangaDex will no longer send chapters back. The chapter list will always be empty. """
[docs] def parse(self, data: Dict[str, Any]): super().parse(data) if "id" in data: = data["id"] if "data" in data and "attributes" in data["data"]: attributes = data["data"]["attributes"] copy_key_to_attribute(attributes, "username", self) self._parse_relationships(data) if not hasattr(self, "chapters"): self.chapters = GenericModelList()
[docs] async def load_chapters(self): """Shortcut method that calls :meth:`.MangadexClient.batch_chapters` with the chapters that belong to the user. Roughly equivalent to: .. code-block:: python await client.batch_chapters(*user.chapters) """ await self.client.batch_chapters(*self.chapters)
[docs] async def fetch(self): await self._fetch(None, "user")