MangaDex Permissions

Several endpoints of the API require permissions. The MangaDex client checks the list of user permissions whenever any of these endpoints are called, and if the permission is not present, PermissionMismatch is raised.

Anonymous Permissions

By default, anonymous (logged out) users have this set of permissions:

  • author.list

  • author.view

  • chapter.list

  • chapter.view

  • cover.list

  • cover.view

  • manga.list

  • manga.view

  • scanlation_group.list

  • scanlation_group.view

This allows them to both view individual authors, chapters, mangas, and scanlation groups as well as use the listing endpoints. These permissions are checked by Author.fetch(), CoverArt.fetch(), Chapter.fetch(), Group.fetch() and Manga.fetch(), as well as get_authors(), MangadexClient.get_covers(), get_chapters(), get_groups() and get_mangas()/search.

Logged in Permissions


The MangaDex API has changed the permission system and revoked these permissions for users.

When logged in as a normal user, these additional permissions are granted:

  • author.create

  • cover.create

  • chapter.upload

  • manga.create

  • scanlation_group.create

  • user.list

This allows the user to create new authors, chapters, mangas, and scanlation groups. These permissions are checked by create_author(), create_group(), and create_manga().

Checking Permissions

At any time, the client’s permissions can be checked by ClientUser.permissions: