Source code for asyncdex.models.manga_list

import asyncio
from typing import Iterable, Optional, TYPE_CHECKING

from .abc import ModelList
from ..constants import routes
from ..enum import FollowStatus

    from ..client import MangadexClient
    from .manga import Manga

[docs]class MangaList(ModelList["Manga"]): """An object representing a list of manga. .. versionadded:: 0.5 """ client: "MangadexClient" """The client that this manga list belongs to.""" def __init__(self, client: "MangadexClient", *, entries: Optional[Iterable["Manga"]] = None): super().__init__(entries or []) self.client = client
[docs] async def fetch_all(self): return await self.client.batch_mangas(*self)
[docs] async def get_reading_status(self): """Get the reading status of all manga in the list. |auth|""" self.client.raise_exception_if_not_authenticated("GET", routes["logged_user_manga_status"]) r = await self.client.request("GET", routes["logged_user_manga_status"]) json = await r.json() r.close() map = self.id_map() for uuid, val in json["statuses"].items(): if uuid in map: map[uuid].reading_status = FollowStatus(val)
[docs] async def set_reading_status(self, status: Optional[FollowStatus]): """Sets the reading status of all manga in the list. Requires authentication. :param status: The new status to set. Can be None to remove reading status. :type status: Optional[FollowStatus] :raises: :class:`.Unauthorized` is authentication is missing. """ await asyncio.gather(*[item.set_reading_status(status) for item in self])
[docs] async def get_covers(self): """Fetches cover data for all primary covers in the manga list. This is an easy way to get the covers for 50 different mangas without making 50 network requests. .. versionadded:: 1.0 """ await self.client.batch_covers(*[manga.cover for manga in self])