Source code for asyncdex.models.manga

from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional, TYPE_CHECKING

from .abc import GenericModelList, Model
from .aggregate import MangaAggregate
from .chapter_list import ChapterList
from .cover_art import CoverArt
from .cover_list import CoverList
from .custom_list import CustomList
from .mixins import DatetimeMixin
from .tag import Tag
from .title import TitleList
from ..constants import link_name_to_attribute_mapping, routes
from ..enum import ContentRating, Demographic, FollowStatus, MangaStatus
from ..utils import DefaultAttrDict, copy_key_to_attribute

    from ..client import MangadexClient
    from .author import Author

[docs]class Manga(Model, DatetimeMixin): """A :class:`.Model` representing an individual manga. .. versionadded:: 0.2 """ titles: DefaultAttrDict[TitleList] """A :class:`.DefaultAttrDict` holding the titles of the manga.""" descriptions: DefaultAttrDict[Optional[str]] """A :class:`.DefaultAttrDict` holding the descriptions of the manga. .. note:: If a language is missing a description, ``None`` will be returned. """ original_language: str """The original language that the manga was released in.""" locked: bool """A locked manga. Usually means that chapter details cannot be modified.""" last_volume: Optional[str] """The last volume of the manga. ``None`` if it is not specified or does not exist. .. versionchanged:: 0.3 Changed to a string in order to better match the API specification. """ last_chapter: Optional[str] """The last chapter of the manga. ``None`` if it is not specified or does not exist. .. versionchanged:: 0.3 Changed to a string in order to better match the API specification. """ demographic: Demographic """The manga's demographic.""" status: MangaStatus """The manga's status.""" year: Optional[int] """The year the manga started publication. May be ``None`` if publication hasn't started or is unknown.""" rating: ContentRating """The manga's content rating.""" tags: GenericModelList[Tag] """A list of :class:`.Tag` objects that represent the manga's tags. A manga without tags will have an empty list.""" authors: GenericModelList["Author"] """A list of :class:`.Author` objects that represent the manga's authors. .. seealso:: :attr:`.artists` .. note:: In order to efficiently get all authors and artists in one go, use :meth:`.load_authors`. """ artists: GenericModelList["Author"] """A list of :class:`.Author` objects that represent the manga's artists. .. seealso:: :attr:`.authors` .. note:: In order to efficiently get all authors and artists in one go, use :meth:`.load_authors`. """ chapters: ChapterList """A :class:`.ChapterList` representing the chapters of the manga. .. versionadded:: 0.3 """ reading_status: Optional[FollowStatus] """A value of :class:`.FollowStatus` representing the logged in user's reading status. .. versionadded:: 0.5 """ links: MangaLinks """An instance of :class:`.MangaLinks` with the manga's links. .. versionadded:: 0.5 """ cover: Optional[CoverArt] = None """The cover of the manga, if one exists. .. versionadded:: 1.0 """ covers: CoverList """An instance of :class:`.CoverList` allowing easy retrieval of manga covers. .. versionadded:: 1.0 """ def __init__( self, client: "MangadexClient", *, id: Optional[str] = None, version: int = 0, data: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, ): self.tags = GenericModelList() self.titles = DefaultAttrDict(default=lambda: TitleList()) self.descriptions = DefaultAttrDict(default=lambda: None) self.chapters = ChapterList(self) self.reading_status = None self.links = MangaLinks() super().__init__(client, id=id, version=version, data=data) def _process_titles(self, title_dict: Dict[str, str]): for key, value in title_dict.items(): self.titles[key].append(value)
[docs] def parse(self, data: Dict[str, Any]): super().parse(data) if "data" in data and "attributes" in data["data"]: attributes = data["data"]["attributes"] if "title" in attributes and attributes["title"]: self._process_titles(attributes["title"]) if "altTitles" in attributes and attributes["altTitles"]: for item in attributes["altTitles"]: self._process_titles(item) if "description" in attributes and attributes["description"]: for key, value in attributes["description"].items(): self.descriptions[key] = value copy_key_to_attribute(attributes, "isLocked", self, "locked", default=False) copy_key_to_attribute(attributes, "originalLanguage", self, "original_language") copy_key_to_attribute(attributes, "lastVolume", self, "last_volume") copy_key_to_attribute(attributes, "lastChapter", self, "last_chapter") copy_key_to_attribute( attributes, "publicationDemographic", self, "demographic", transformation=lambda attrib: Demographic(attrib) if attrib else attrib, ) if "status" in attributes and attributes["status"] == "hitaus": attributes["status"] = "hiatus" copy_key_to_attribute( attributes, "status", self, transformation=lambda attrib: MangaStatus(attrib) if attrib else attrib ) copy_key_to_attribute(attributes, "year", self, transformation=lambda num: int(num) if num else num) copy_key_to_attribute( attributes, "contentRating", self, "rating", transformation=lambda attrib: ContentRating(attrib) if attrib else attrib, ) self._process_times(attributes) if "tags" in attributes and attributes["tags"]: for tag in attributes["tags"]: assert tag["id"], "Tag ID missing" tag_obj = Tag(self.client, data={"result": "ok", "data": tag}) cached_tag = self.client.tag_cache.setdefault(, tag_obj) cached_tag.transfer(tag_obj) self.tags.append(cached_tag) if "links" in attributes and attributes["links"]: links = attributes["links"] self.links.parse(links) self._parse_relationships(data) self.chapters = ChapterList(self) if hasattr(self, "_covers"): self.cover = self._covers[0] self.cover.manga = self del self._covers
[docs] async def fetch(self): """Fetch data about the manga. |permission| ``manga.view`` :raises: :class:`.InvalidID` if a manga with the ID does not exist. """ await self._fetch("manga.view", "manga")
[docs] async def load_authors(self): """Shortcut method that calls :meth:`.MangadexClient.batch_authors` with the authors and artists that belong to the manga. Roughly equivalent to: .. code-block:: python await client.batch_authors(*manga.authors, *manga.artists) """ await self.client.batch_authors(*self.authors, *self.artists)
[docs] async def aggregate(self, languages: Optional[List[str]] = None) -> MangaAggregate: """Get the aggregate of this manga. .. versionadded: 0.5 :param languages: The languages that should be part of the aggregate. :type languages: List[str] :return: The manga's aggregate. :rtype: MangaAggregate """ params = {} if languages: params["translatedLanguage"] = languages r = await self.client.request("GET", routes["aggregate"].format(, params=params) self._check_404(r) ma = MangaAggregate() ma.parse(await r.json()) r.close() return ma
[docs] async def get_reading_status(self): """Gets the manga's reading status. |auth| .. versionadded:: 0.5 """ self.client.raise_exception_if_not_authenticated("GET", routes["manga_read_status"]) r = await self.client.request("GET", routes["manga_read_status"].format( json = await r.json() r.close() self.reading_status = FollowStatus(json["status"]) if json["status"] else None
[docs] async def set_reading_status(self, status: Optional[FollowStatus]): """Sets the manga's reading status. |auth| .. versionadded:: 0.5 :param status: The new status to set. Can be None to remove reading status. :type status: Optional[FollowStatus] """ self.client.raise_exception_if_not_authenticated("GET", routes["manga_read_status"]) r = await self.client.request( "POST", routes["manga_read_status"].format(, json={"status": status.value if status else None} ) r.close() self.reading_status = status
[docs] async def update(self, notes: Optional[str]): """Update the manga using values from the class. |auth| .. versionadded:: 0.5 .. admonition:: Updating manga: To update the manga, just set attributes to the values you want to be updated. .. warning:: When updating the titles, use :meth:`list.append` and :meth:`list.extend` instead of assigning a list directly. Example: .. code-block:: python manga.titles.en.append("Another english title")["Spanish title", "Alternate spanish title"]) # Using list.extend manga.descriptions.en = "English description" manga.last_volume = "2" manga.authors = await client.get_authors(name="Author name").as_list() manga.year = 2021 await manga.update("Added some detailed information about the manga") :param notes: Optional notes to show to moderators :type notes: str """ if not hasattr(self, "titles"): await self.fetch() title = {} alt_titles = [] for lang, titles in self.titles.items(): if titles: primary, alternates = title[lang] = primary for item in alternates: alt_titles.append({lang: item}) if not title: raise ValueError("A title needs to be specified.") params = { "title": title, "lastVolume": self.last_volume, "lastChapter": self.last_chapter, "publicationDemographic": self.demographic.value if self.demographic else None, "status": self.status.value if self.status else None, "contentRating": self.rating.value if self.rating else None, "modNotes": notes, "version": self.version, } if alt_titles: params["altTitles"] = alt_titles if self.descriptions: params["description"] = {k: v for k, v in self.descriptions.items() if v} if hasattr(self, "authors") and self.authors: params["authors"] = [str(item) for item in self.authors] if hasattr(self, "artists") and self.artists: params["artists"] = [str(item) for item in self.artists] if self.links.to_dict(): params["links"] = self.links.to_dict() if self.original_language: params["originalLanguage"] = self.original_language if self.year: params["year"] = self.year self.client.raise_exception_if_not_authenticated("PUT", routes["manga"]) r = await self.client.request("PUT", routes["manga"].format(, json=params) json = await r.json() r.close() manga_obj = type(self)(self.client, data=json) self.transfer(manga_obj)
[docs] async def delete(self): """Delete the manga. |auth| .. versionadded:: 0.5 """ return await self._delete("manga")
[docs] async def add_to_list(self, custom_list: CustomList): """Add the manga to the custom list. |auth| .. versionadded:: 0.5 :param custom_list: The list to add to. :type custom_list: CustomList """ self.client.raise_exception_if_not_authenticated("POST", routes["manga_list"]) (await self.client.request("POST", routes["manga_list"].format(, if self not in custom_list.mangas: custom_list.mangas.append(self)
[docs] async def remove_from_list(self, custom_list: CustomList): """Remove the manga from the custom list. |auth| .. versionadded:: 0.5 :param custom_list: The list to remove from. :type custom_list: CustomList """ self.client.raise_exception_if_not_authenticated("DELETE", routes["manga_list"]) (await self.client.request("DELETE", routes["manga_list"].format(, if self in custom_list.mangas: custom_list.mangas.remove(self)
[docs] async def follow(self): """Follow the manga. |auth| .. versionadded:: 0.5 """ self.client.raise_exception_if_not_authenticated("POST", routes["manga_follow"]) (await self.client.request("POST", routes["manga_follow"].format(
[docs] async def unfollow(self): """Unfollow the manga. |auth| .. versionadded:: 0.5 """ self.client.raise_exception_if_not_authenticated("DELETE", routes["manga_follow"]) (await self.client.request("DELETE", routes["manga_follow"].format(