Source code for asyncdex.models.cover_art

from typing import Any, Dict, Optional, TYPE_CHECKING

from .abc import Model
from .mixins import DatetimeMixin
from .user import User
from ..constants import routes
from ..utils import copy_key_to_attribute

    from .manga import Manga
    from .user import User

[docs]class CoverArt(Model, DatetimeMixin): """A :class:`.Model` representing an individual cover art. .. versionadded:: 1.0 """ description: str """The description of the cover art.""" volume: Optional[str] """The volume that this cover art represents.""" file_name: Optional[str] """The name of the file that contains the cover art.""" manga: Optional["Manga"] """The manga that this cover art belongs to.""" user: Optional["User"] """The user that this cover art belongs to."""
[docs] async def url(self) -> str: """Get a URL to the cover. :return: The URL. :rtype: str """ if not hasattr(self, "file_name"): await self.fetch() return f"{}/{self.file_name}"
[docs] async def url_512(self) -> str: """Get the <=512 px URL to the cover. :return: The URL. :rtype: str """ return await self.url() + ".512.jpg"
[docs] async def url_256(self) -> str: """Get the <=256 px URL to the cover. :return: The URL. :rtype: str """ return await self.url() + ".256.jpg"
[docs] def parse(self, data: Dict[str, Any]): super().parse(data) if "data" in data and "attributes" in data["data"]: attributes = data["data"]["attributes"] copy_key_to_attribute(attributes, "name", self) copy_key_to_attribute(attributes, "fileName", self, "file_name") copy_key_to_attribute(attributes, "volume", self) self._process_times(attributes) self._parse_relationships(data) if hasattr(self, "_users"): self.user = self._users[0] del self._users if hasattr(self, "mangas"): self.manga = self.mangas[0] del self.mangas
[docs] async def fetch(self): """Fetch data about the chapter. |permission| ``cover.view`` :raises: :class:`.InvalidID` if a cover with the ID does not exist. """ await self._fetch("cover.view", "cover")
[docs] async def update(self): """Update the cover. |auth|""" params = {"volume": self.volume, "description": self.description, "version": self.version} self.client.raise_exception_if_not_authenticated("PUT", routes["cover"]) r = await self.client.request("PUT", routes["cover"].format(, json=params) json = await r.json() r.close() obj = type(self)(self.client, data=json) self.transfer(obj)
[docs] async def delete(self): """Delete the cover. |auth|""" return await self._delete("cover")