All AsyncDex operations have to be done inside of an async context.

Create an instance of MangadexClient:

from asyncdex import MangadexClient

async def main():
    client = MangadexClient()

Make a request for a random manga and print the authors of the manga:

manga = await client.random_manga()
print(f"{manga.id}: {manga.titles.en.primary}")
await manga.load_authors()
print(f"Author of {manga.titles.en.primary}: {manga.authors[0].name}")

Log in to your MangaDex account:

await client.login(username="yourusername", password="yourpassword")
# alternate method
client = MangadexClient(username="yourusername", password="yourpassword")
await client.login()

View your manga follows list:

response = await client.request("GET", "/user/follows/manga")
json = await response.json()
[print(item["data"]["id"]) for item in json["results"]]