• Manga.last_volume and Manga.last_chapter both are now Strings.

  • Made all of the batch_* methods on the Client class parallel. This will speed up batch requests over the size of 100 items fivefold.


  • Manga.last_chapter did not account for floating point variables.

  • Changed Model.__repr__() to properly show the delimiters for strings.

  • MangadexClient.__aexit__() will now close the underlying session object.

  • Fixed a bug in Client.request() that prevented the use of non-string and non-iterable objects such as integers and floats.

  • Added a client-side fix for the incorrect spelling of the word hiatus on the MangaDex API.

  • Fixed a typo on Demographic.JOSEI where the term “josei” was actually spelled “josel”.

  • Added a message to Unauthorized.

  • Fixed a bunch of places where requests are not properly closed.

  • Changed the value of MangaStatus.ABANDONED to match new API specifications.

  • Fixed a bug in the retry mechanism of Client.request() that added the parameters for a second time.


The initial release of AsyncDex.