• Fixed a bug in Pager where more items would be returned than the given limit.

  • Fixed a bug in PathRatelimit.update() that prevented a ratelimit from being applied correctly.

  • Fixed a bug in User.__eq__() that returned False when the ClientUser was the same user as a given user.

  • Fixed a bug in Manga.parse() where chapters without a description would cause an exception to be raised.




  • Fixed Pager.__anext__() so it does not need to complete all requests before returning the first batch of statements. This will drastically improve performance if all items aren’t needed immediately (such as making further requests with returned data).

  • Fixed a bug where the chapter list would clear itself when filtered.

  • Fixed a bug where download_chapter() would not try again due to certain errors such as establishing a connection.

  • Fixed Chapter.pages() so it respects the forcePort443 parameter.




  • Manga.last_volume and Manga.last_chapter both are now Strings.

  • Made all of the batch_* methods on the Client class parallel. This will speed up batch requests over the size of 100 items fivefold.


  • Manga.last_chapter did not account for floating point variables.

  • Changed Model.__repr__() to properly show the delimiters for strings.

  • MangadexClient.__aexit__() will now close the underlying session object.

  • Fixed a bug in MangadexClient.request() that prevented the use of non-string and non-iterable objects such as integers and floats.

  • Added a client-side fix for the incorrect spelling of the word hiatus on the MangaDex API.

  • Fixed a typo on Demographic.JOSEI where the term “josei” was actually spelled “josel”.

  • Added a message to Unauthorized.

  • Fixed a bunch of places where requests are not properly closed.

  • Changed the value of MangaStatus.ABANDONED to match new API specifications.

  • Fixed a bug in the retry mechanism of MangadexClient.request() that added the parameters for a second time.


The initial release of AsyncDex.